• consultings: A.Riccardi (strutture), D.Paini (acustica), L.Gattoni (impianti ed energia),A.Basso (impianto elettrico)
  • collaborators: D.Proverbio, N.Carlesso

The direct relationship, and if possible without mediation, between actors and spectators is what has led several choices and solutions in the transformation of the former theater SOMS Ferrera Erbognone. The atrium foyer is a full-height space, with a strong penchant representative, internal dimensions as remarkable as those of a barn or a courtyard, familiar places to the inhabitants of Lomellina. The room is a large room where you are stripped and “brought on stage” the constructive elements: the red bricks of the walls sandblasted (which also play an acoustic function) and the wooden trusses of the roof, before concealed by a false ceiling. To allow the best visibility of the scene – what is not possible at present – the public can be arranged on an inclined telescopic bleachers which can be extended right up to the scene or compacted under the cantilevered slab of fixed grandstand, occupying the depth of one meter and 20. The possibility of different configurations and the shape of the room merged with the scene, it can meet the diverse needs of the public-trial stage

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