1996 · Primary school in Bernareggio (MI)

  • with: G. Zanella, S. Radaelli .
  • Collaborators: M. Faccini, F. Lamon, M. Schiavi.

Almost like a country villa ideal the new kindergarten in expandable sections 7 to 9, has a plant in court partially open towards the park and is in direct relationship with the surrounding countryside. The building is on one floor and the only volume emerging is the one corresponding to the atrium. Are located at the sides of the offices and service rooms for the staff. The spaces of the atrium and adjacent activities special occasion can be merged into a single large room by means of movable walls. In the wings of the building are arranged in the middle part of the spaces of free activities on which overlook the one hand the areas reserved for school lunch, on the other classrooms. The square court, central entire building is also designed for performances outdoors and is bounded on the north by a colonnade that connects the wings of the school. The building is located in a public park where regular rows, groups of trees and paths are arranged according to their ratios of the agricultural landscape.