2000 · Sports center in Gallarate (Va)

  • with: C. Carozzi, G. Baldrati , M. Bisaccia , S. Ferrari .
  • Collaborators: M.S. Cadario, F. Lamon, M. Schiavi.

The project will build on the existing facilities for both swimming for other physical activities such as tennis, soccer, volleyball, basketball and fittness, allowing them to meet the increasing demand in future space activities related to leisure of the inhabitants in the territory between Varese and Busto Arsizio and users of the close of Malpensa intercontinental Airport. The bodies in the expansion of the gym and pool are arranged in line with the existing ones along the Via Benedetto Croce. It was decided to separate clearly and rationally in facilities and sports activities distinct areas of land (multi-gym and soccer fields) from those of water (indoor and outdoor), maintaining the footpaths well differentiated and trying to reduce the ‘volumetric impact of the new buildings to better integrate into the surrounding landscape. The gym is in fact expected to m.3.50 and buried the body of the new swimming pool changing rooms is also partially buried by exploiting the difference in height between the park and the soccer field located to the north of the area. The volume of the pool is fully glazed on three sides almost like a large greenhouse. During the summer you can open the windows, even those placed at roof level, transforming it into an outdoor swimming pool.