2001 · Verdi’s and Popolo’s Places in Como

  • with: C. Carozzi, M. Bisaccia
  • Collaborators: F. Lamon, S. Poletti, M. Schiavi

The project proposes the creation of a true “Ring” green around the walled city, taking the example of what happened in several European cities after the overthrow of the ramparts. Some elements of this new walk intend to evoke the ‘image of the plant wall that marked the eastern side of the city: a wooden pavilion services semicircular placed in the place of the old bulwark around which is made to deflect avenue Lecco, a projection rectangular located on the northeast corner of the Teatro Sociale and a wall that defines the steps to the east, overlooking the Piazza Verdi. The floor is composed of a grid slabs of white stone of Verona with porphyry cubes inside of Trentino Alto Adige willing to “opus reticulatum”, a reminder of the land division and structure of the Roman city of Como.