2002 · Home in Cunardo (VA)

  • with arch. C.Carozzi
  • Collaborators: F. Lamon, M. Schiavi

The extension is made from a volume roughly two-story tower enclosed within three walls lined with stone, and a trapezoidal lower body, partly projecting above the garage wall and turned to the landscape of the Alps. Among the existing building and the volume expansion there is an apparent detachment: this solution allows visually not to over-extend the mass of the building, already quite long and compact while still trying to maintain a degree of transparency between the existing house and the ‘expansion. As a barn or a tower, the new building approaches to the existing building on the example of some farm buildings in the historic center of Cunard and recalling the presence of ancient fortresses and fortifications (the famous castle has now disappeared) along the Castelvecchio.