2003 · ALER in Varese

  • Consultings: M. Bisaccia , G. Baldrati , L. Visintini .
  • Collaboraborators: M.S. Cadario, C. Galli, S. Poletti.

The new complex is located in the upper portion of the lot and is divided into 4 buildings each with 4 floors, interspersed with gardens and arranged parallel to the Via Crispi. The choice was dictated by the desire to create a small square in front of the new headquarters ALER and maintain more surface area as possible in front of the green residential buildings, maximizing the views from the apartments. The simple buildings in the complex are raised on a plinth clad in porphyry: a volume in its own right parallelepiped shape for the new headquarters ALER, the Offices of the PA and traffic wardens, 3 blocks square, almost cubic, for the residence and spaces for productive activities that interpret and tertiary models of villas and buildings built in the past in the Varese area.