2005 · Albert Deffeyes Place in Aosta

  • Consulenting: M. Bisaccia.
  • Collabolators: M.S. Cadario, G. Salandin

The project is ideally the most significant aspects of the culture, history and landscape of the Valle d’Aosta. The plot of the Cartesian flooring, stone green Courtil, crossed by bands light granite, refers to the Roman civilization, still visible in the urban structure of Aosta. The landscape is evoked citing the natural elements more typical of this region: glaciers, rocks, streams, valleys and dense rhododendron bushes. The new point of attraction of the square becomes the great fountain located at the intersection of Via Gramsci Festaz and that, with its triangular shape from the serrated outlines, reminiscent of the sharp slabs of glaciers Valle d’Aosta.