2005 · Home in Varese n.1

  • consulting: G.Baldrati (structures)

The new single-family house is located on a south-facing area, sloping down to the lake of Varese. On the west side the land is bordered by a wood of ash trees and locust trees along a valley called the “Valley of the Hay”, with a clean waterstream at the bottom. The building, placed in the upper part of the garden, is arranged on two levels so as to adapt to the natural trend of the ground. The house is made ​​of a basement covered with stone on which stands the upper largely glazed volume, facing the South and the Lake. The stone basement protrudes off the house body   for about two meters so as to create a sort of terracing which anticipates the number of tiers of which consists of the garden. The rectangular shape of the building is based on a simple and rational distribution scheme: all the rooms are lined up along a corridor, parallel to the longer side of the house.The North façade is less opened towards the upstream side and it’s characterized by two types of coating: red cedar wooden staves, with three long and narrow  banded openings,  and the stone again to match the volume of the kitchen apart. The front side instead, in correspondence of the bedrooms and the living room, has fully height windows opening onto a terrace to the southwest side.