2005 · Chieri’s historic downtown (To)

  • with: A. Vanoni, M. Bisaccia (Consulente Agronomo).
  • Collaborators: M.S. Cadario, G. Salandini.

The project comparing to some extent with its magnificent view of Chieri contained in the “Theatrum Sabaudiae” in 1682, retains the open space of the great rural court while maintaining and reconstructing the parts along the existing Tana away, via Gualdo and down the alley toward the street Orphan so as to give a unified design for the new architectural complex of office accommodation for young people, the elderly and collective spaces. For areas of Piazza Trento, Trieste and Via S. Pellico you plan a walkway that at certain points is flanked by the long pools, memory of the “moat of the Germans” and water which flowed. In Ex Caselli, the new flight of steps to “L” and the glass roof perfectly square delimit a space that evokes the old courtyard of the convent of St. Andrew. At the intersection of avenue with street Tana Fasano is finally proposes partial reconstruction (wooden) the disappearance of Porta Sant’Andrea: an element that evokes one of the most important access to the city center that also serves as a new pedestrian entrance to the park along the walls and the Rio Tepice.