2005 · Europan 8, Aulla (MS)

Honorable mention

  • With: F. Adorni.
  • Collaborators: M.S. Cadario, M. Cannizzaro, G. Salandini.

The leading thread of the project proposal is constituted by the new pedestrian and cycling path, which will unfold along the railway after its complete dismantlement: a long tree-lined walk, along which will find their location the residential buildings, the new Urban Center and the Energy Information Centre.The project chooses to maintain the existing buildings, trusting that such a choice can set the beginning of a more extensive process of urban regeneration, as mediators between the hill and the river, by further extending their length.One of the central points of the project is the redefinition of the “Barcara road”, whith the architectural evocation of a small church (a seventeenth-century oratory, destroyed in the ‘40s). The Petrucioli flour mill will be transformed from a machine handling flour into a machine that will produce information about the town (Urban Center) and the territory and energy to promote a new culture of living.