2008 · Uggiate t.’s Downtown (Como)

  • With: G. Salandini.
  • Collaborators: M.S. Cadario, L. Trolese.
The project aims at enhancing the historic center of Uggiate providing for all development axis via Vittorio Veneto and Via Matteotti a homogenous design of the pavement of porphyry gray-red, punctuated regularly with bands of white granite. The structure of the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele is modified slightly by introducing a staircase in the shape of an “L” as well as to create a safe pedestrian area not accessible to cars. You will want to then restoring them in this space (now a parking lot) the role of the center of the social life of the country, ideal for events, markets and any shows. The new fountain, shaped like a well from which water flows continuously, is placed off-center, as well as the earlier nineteenth century, has now disappeared.
The intersection of the streets Don Luigi Sturzo and Garibaldi is solved with a roundabout at ground level and the entrance to the old town with a new “green portal” consists of two symmetrical high hedges, set in metal gratings and equipped with lamps.
The project also aims to transform Piazza degli Alpini in a real “theater-garden” thought also for outdoor performances. Space is re-defined by simple elements: a lawn with the stone seats, a stage with wooden slats and the two “fixed scenes”: on the one hand and on the other the Villa Somaini the landscape of the hills that surround Uggiate .