2009 · courtyard in Orino (VA)

  • Consulting: G. Baldrati (strutture).
  • Collaborators: D. Proverbio, A. Sosa.

The project involves the redevelopment of an existing building at court located in the center of Orino. In the past the building was characterized by the presence of a deep porch on the ground floor, four bays with arches supported by three central pillars of stone, plaster string course, pilasters between a span and the other in stone and brick, a gallery in central first floor with typical iron railing and a top floor attic. The building was renovated in the 70s, the house was elevated porch and loggia closed with infill masonry, facades were plastered and strollate as happened to many buildings at that time, changed the opening and introduced a balcony. They therefore made ​​on the facades of interventions to rebalance the relationship solids and voids, to bring to light the constructive elements that characterized in the past fronts (columns, pilasters, belt courses, ..) where possible having to comply with today’s internal distribution of housing. In the north face you made any changes to the openings have been removed and replaced with the existing shutters wooden shutters green, restored the plaster of the facades (formerly the Civil fine-grained) and painted sand color.