2009 · High school in Valmorea (CO)

  • with: C. Carozzi
  • Consulenting: R.Aceti (structure)
  • Collaborators: D. Proverbio

The school structure existing in Via Roma is part of a larger complex that also houses the primary school and the municipal public library. Given the current lack of spaces for teaching, the project involves: the transformation of the atrium space in the Aula Magna and the construction of a new glazed atrium as a connecting body that unites the two wings currently separate, thus transforming the school in a body with an open courtyard towards the green area and from the Via Roma, the reorganization of the offices of the new space around the Great Hall, and a new library; transfer of classrooms, currently placed around all ‘atrium of the wing of the ’60s, in a new building in the North expansion leaning against the front of the building of the ’80s. Outside, the sloping lawn to the front of the wing in West extension can act as a small open-air theater for events and shows.