2013 · Lanzada’s downtown(So)

  • with arch. Cristina Carozzi
  • consultings: ing. R. Aceti, Ing. C.Ascoli e Ing. D.Bellocchio (Varesecontrolli srl)
  • collaborators: arch. Davide Proverbio, Cristiano Curaggi

The project builds on the observation and analysis of the territory of Lanzada and Valmalenco, from its topography, the landscape and the types of housing of the traditional mountain. Currently existing public buildings in the area, such as the Primary School, the Town Hall, the Museum Mineralogical and halls Associations, not overlook a public space itself. The project is therefore the objective of defining a large public space in a central position with respect to the village square and then it becomes a meeting place for all inhabitants, onto which the main public buildings in each redefined its role (Primary School , The Town Hall, the Civic Center and adjacent to the Mineralogical Museum), at an intermediate height between the streets of St. John and Palu, the main arteries of Lanzada. Watched the whole public buildings, so reorganized and renewed, become recognizable and stand out as almost three fragments of an “imaginary fortress” (alluding to the beautiful fortresses and castles of Valtelllina) which embody the main types: the School is the “Palace”, the Town Hall is the “tower”, the Civic Center is the “bastion”. As for the coating material for the facades, especially in fronts with smaller openings and shaves facing upstream, are expected plates in serpentine gray-green Valmalenco, stone formed on site. For the rest of the casing is provided with slats or panels of wood. The vitreous volume and pointed the new reading room of the Library, the heads of the buildings of the new School and continuous windows of the classrooms have mirrors for green transparent, a call to the beautiful crystal “green demantoid” Valmalenco. As if the architecture was a ‘macroscopic interpretation of the geology of the mountain, that is constituted by large “mineral blocks” embellished with crystals and green gems embedded