2013 · ultimo, Varese

  • collaborator: Davide Proverbio

“Last” is located in the center of Varese, the “garden city” par excellence. The courtyard in which you enter after passing the entrance hall is the “open-air foyer” of the room, greets people in a family atmosphere but full of suggestions given by the old walls, the balconies, from Art Nouveau windows from sundials , from wooden surfaces of doors and dall’acciottolato the pavement. As you enter you immediately feel the atmosphere of the restaurant, the bar with the plan in chestnut lighted by a series of slender sticks of wax lamps hanging like amber, and the front covered with a perforated iron plate and backlit. The walls, the tone ocher as the outer walls are the backdrop to “collections” consist of framed pictures, whose theme and “leitmotif” is, strictly, but also ironically, the concept of “LAST”: “The Last Metro “,” Last Tango in Paris “” The Last of the Mohicans “,” Last word “” last minute “and so on, so as to instill a strong and recognizable to the local as well as being a logical and original” explanation “the name of the local.