2017 · Renovation of ex Distillery, Milan

  • consulente: G.Baldrati (strutture)
  • collaboratori: D.Proverbio, A.Plantamura, M.Acetti

The project involves primarily the renovation of the building of the former distillery overlooking the road, preserving the full volume and some decorative elements such as the frame with two windows and eaves fascia on the first floor and to exploit for residential purposes the extra height of the volume of road entering 3 levels instead of 2 existing. Secondly, it is expected, given the obvious state of decay, demolition and partial reconstruction of the building located in the courtyard of the property, plant and roughly square with a single sloped roof sloped; This volume contains within it the double height living room overlooked by the first floor, a bedroom and a bathroom distributed by a gallery. As a whole, the project seeks to reinterpret the modern architecture of the suburban villas of the early twentieth century, but also that of the simple rural buildings in the countryside (at the time of its construction, the building was near a few dozen meters from the fields), proposing elements the rural character as the pergola terrace surmounting the road and the simple structure “porch” that encompasses the living room with its extended double-height windows that make it look like the volume overlooking the courtyard as a kind of porch or large greenhouse.