2019 · Chalet in Val d’Aosta (AO)

  • with D. Locher, G.Zublena, D. Monaya, E. Pietromica, E. Canepa

In the past, the building was a barn, a simple construction, typical of the alpine environment, made of stone and wood. For the recovery and design of the interiors, Luserna stone was used, arranged in large slabs with incredible colors resulting from multiple chromatic veins due to minerals, quartz, iron and calcium in variable concentrations. The wood used is instead larch, brushed and heat treated, used everywhere, as a parquet for floors, in exposed ceilings, in boiserie, for stairs. The old original recovered larch planks have been used for all custom-made interior furnishings. On the east and west facades, the balconies and wooden structures as they were originally were rebuilt, again with recovered timber, with horizontal crosspieces to dry the corn cobs.